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Castors Wheel Medium Duty Top Plate Fitting

If you are one of the people who is looking for some kind of castors which are ideal for providing base to medium sized objects then the castors wheel medium duty top plate fitting offered by us is ideal for you. This kind of castors are usually made with the aim to provide the portability to objects which are not too heavy.


The medium duty top plate fitting wheel casters are available in different designs where you can choose from fixed plate flight case castors which are attached to items which need to be moved in just one direction. The medium duty black rubber swivel plate castors are also offered which allows the object to be moved in any direction. The castors offered by us have different sizes and load capacities where the castors with brakes are also available which can be used to stop the castors from moving.


The medium duty top plate fitting wheel is usually made from steel frames and is ideal for attaching them to large and bulky products. The castors wheel medium duty is available in different materials where the most commonly used ones include rubber wheels but, some special designs also have the plastic wheels to use at placed which are expected to get wear and tear. Some of the castors wheel medium duty top plate fitting also come with brakes to allow the objects to be stopped from making any unexpected movements.

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