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Standard Duty Castor Polyurethane Tyred Wheel Casters

Standard duty castor polyurethane tyred wheel casters are those kind of castors which look like regular kind of casters but, they have special kind of wheels which are durable and long lasting. The standard duty castor polyurethane tyred castors are available in different styles which makes them ideal for usage on small sized objects which are expected to have medium weight.


We offer the standard castor polyurethane tyred castors in different styles where you may choose from swivel wheel casters standard duty with the ability to move the object in any direction. The standard duty castor polyurethane tyred also come with brakes on them while some of them might also have the bolt holes on their top to allow the polyurethane tyred wheel casters to be attached to the surface of the objects.


These standard duty castor polyurethane wheel are available in different materials where you may choose from wheels made with plastic and rubber while the frames of these castors are made from high quality stainless steel to gain durable and rust-resistant casters.

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