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Heavy Duty Castor Wheel Elastic Rubber Aluminium Centre Casters Range

Heavy duty castor wheel elastic rubber aluminium centre casters range, as the name suggests are those kind of castors which are made with the aim to provide you with the option to move your casters in an effective manner. These castors are designed for the purpose of providing portability to large sized objects while providing easy during movement.


Our supplied heavy duty castor wheel elastic rubber aluminiumcentre are usually made from aluminium core while a thick layer of elastic rubber is used on the outer surface of wheels to provide durability and smooth movement. The castors are available in different sizes and each design has different load capacity depending on the loading capacity.


The heavy duty castor wheel elastic rubber aluminiumcentre casters range is offered in different styles where the best quality castors include swivel heavy duty range castors which can rotate in any direction. The fixed caster wheels are also available which are ideal for attaching to those items which need to be moved in only one direction.

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