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Medical Castor Wheel Special Applications Casters

Medical castor wheel special applications casters are the ones which are made specifically for the purpose of usage in medical places like hospitals and clinics. These medical castor wheel special applications casters are made from materials which makes them ideal for usage beneath different medical items. The special medical castor wheel are used to add portability to medical equipment to allow the medical staff to move the objects easily to their desired location.


We offer the medical castor wheel which can be used below the surface of the objects where they are most preferably used to provide support to beds, medical equipment and furniture in the hospitals. The special media castor wheel are also available which can have special and unusual materials to meet your requirements.


Our supplied special medial castor wheel are available in different designs where the most commonly used ones include the swivel special applications medical castor wheel which is ideal for adding movement. The swivel special medical castor wheel can also have brakes on them to allow the castors to be prevented from moving.

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