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Scaffold Castors Wheel Special Applications Casters

Scaffold Castors Wheel Special Applications Casters, as the name suggests are those kind of castor wheels which are used by the customer to fulfill special purposes like providing support to other castors etc which cannot be performed by the regular type of castors.


The scaffold castors are used for the purpose of adding support to the base of the objects and they are mostly used with the legs of the beds and furniture to allow them to be moved easily when desired. They have special locks on them which makes sure that the objects being supported only move, when desired.


The scaffold castors wheel are available in different styles where the scaffold castor wheel female insert casters have special frames which allow the legs of the object to be inserted inside the frame of the castor. While the scaffold castors wheel male casters are used when you want the frame of the caster to be inserted in the legs of the object.


The special applications scaffold casters are also available from us which can be designed according to the needs of the customer by keeping the basic functionality of the scaffold castors in mind. These scaffold castors can be supplied to your desired location anywhere in the United Kingdom at affordable rates without worrying about the consignment size and without making any compromises on the quality of the ordered items.

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