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Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

Heavy duty castor wheels, are those kind of castors, which are made from special kind of materials and are ideal for usage beneath those items which are heavy in weight. These castors have designs which will let you get your desired kind of castors to carry bulky objects.


The heavy duty castor wheels are usually used in the industries and garages to move large equipment and tools which cannot be moved on regular type of castors. The top quality heavy duty castor wheels are also used to carry heavy finished goods while the shelves with different kind of objects are moved using these castors.


These heavy duty castors are made from materials like steel and plastics. The steel heavy duty castor wheels are corrosion free while the plastic castor wheels are made from high quality plastic to achieve durability.


You can choose different kind of valuable heavy duty castor wheels from us where different kind of sizes and load capacities are available. Our customers can choose the top quality heavy duty castor wheels at desirable rates where we make sure that the best heavy duty castor wheels are offered.

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