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Industrial castors, as the name suggests are those kind of castors which are made for usage in industries and are made from heavy duty objects then industrial castors offered by us are ideal for you. The industrial castors are preferred for usage in all kind of industries where they special designs and extra tough materials allow them to be used to carry large sized and heavy weight objects easily.


We offer the best industrial castors which are made from elastic non marking wheel with precision bearing bore which makes it ideal for attaching to items which need screws to attach the castors to them. The swivel castor is also available which lets you move the objects in any direction. The fixed castors are also available while the industrial castors with brakes can be bought to lock the movements of the castors.


The quality industrial castors wheels are usually made from materials like plastic and rubber but, their frames are available in steel. The castors have special kind of designs which are made specifically made for attaching the wheels to the objects by providing support. The frames are available in different styles where some of them can have ball bearings to move the items around while the pure steel castors are also available. We are the industrial castors UK supplier who can supply them at reasonable rates to any address within the United Kingdom.

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