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Hospital Bed Castors

Hospital bed castors are those which are made specifically for the purpose of providing portability to care beds of hospitals. These castors have special designs which allow them to have the portability and durability of castors. These castors are used in almost all the hospitals and they have become a necessity to add the ability to move the beds when needed. The castors have different loading capacities while they also have different sizes


We offer the economical hospital bed castors which are made from premium materials including the steel anti corrosion castors which lets you get portability in addition to rust-resistant properties. The swivel hospital bed castors are also available which can be used to get the ability to move the beds in all direction while the castors with brakes lets you have the ability to prevent the unnecessary movements of beds.


The best hospital bed castors are offered in different materials including the plastic and steel wheels which are coated with special anti-germ coating to prevent the diseases and germs from getting caught to the castors.


We provide the quality hospital bed castors at reasonable rates where our customers can buy the castors by visiting our product page. We also allow our customers to get their ordered castors delivered to their doorsteps anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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