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Temperature Caster Resistant Castors Wheels

Temperature Caster Resistant Castors Wheels, as the name suggests, are those kind of castor wheels which can be used at places where the high temperatures are present. These wheels are preferred for us at places like furnaces and ovens where the items need to be moved from wheels but, the regular wheels can’t withstand the high temperatures.


The temperature caster wheels are designed from special materials like hard rubber and metals which allow the wheels to withstand high temperatures. The rubber material is recycled which makes it high temperature resistant where the metals are also strong enough to withstand the rising temperatures.


The temperature resistant castor wheels are mostly preferred by workers who work in hot places like furnaces, deserts and ovens. These wheels have special coating on them which makes them ideal for use at places where the temperatures are expected to rise. The temperature resistant castor wheels are also used for trollies and trays which are used for cooking in the ovens and the high cooking temperatures will melt the regular wheels.


We are the temperature resistant castors in the United kingdom who manufacture the temperature caster wheels at attractive rates without compromising on the quality of the wheels. We also make sure that the wheels won’t lose shape or get damaged after repeated usage in hot places.

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