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Hoshizaki ice machines are renowned for their reliability and the high-quality ice they produce. Whether you run a bustling restaurant, a busy bar, or a healthcare facility, keeping your Hoshizaki ice machine clean is essential to maintain the quality and safety of the ice it produces.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the steps of cleaning your Hoshizaki ice machine to ensure it remains in peak condition, producing clean and pure ice for your customers and guests.

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Importance of Regular Cleaning

Before delving into the cleaning process, it’s crucial to understand why regular cleaning is essential for your Hoshizaki ice machine. 

Over time, mineral deposits, algae, and bacteria can accumulate in the machine’s ice-making components, leading to several problems:

  • Reduced Ice Quality: Dirty components can affect the clarity and taste of the ice cubes produced, impacting the overall experience for your customers.
  • Increased Energy Consumption: A dirty machine has to work harder to produce ice, leading to higher energy bills.
  • Risk of Contamination: If not cleaned regularly, your ice machine can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, posing health risks to those who consume the ice.

Now, let’s walk through the cleaning process step by step:

Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, gather all the necessary cleaning supplies, including:

  • Hoshizaki-approved ice machine cleaner
  • A soft cloth or sponge
  • A bucket
  • A measuring cup
  • Gloves
  • A mask (if you’re sensitive to cleaning fumes)
  • A manual or guide provided by Hoshizaki specific to your ice machine model.

Power Down and Disconnect

Ensure the ice machine is turned off, and unplug it from the electrical source. Safety should always be a top priority when cleaning any electrical appliance.

Drain the Water

Most Hoshizaki ice machines have a drain plug located at the bottom. Remove the plug and allow any remaining water to drain completely. Be prepared for a small amount of water to spill out during this step.

Remove all the ice from the machine’s storage bin. Use a scoop or a clean container to store the ice temporarily in a safe and clean place.

Mix and Apply the Cleaner

Follow the instructions on the ice machine cleaner product carefully to mix the appropriate cleaning solution. Typically, it’s a mixture of cleaner and water. Pour the cleaning solution into the ice machine’s water reservoir. Use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub all accessible surfaces inside the ice machine, including the ice bin, water reservoir, and any other removable parts.

Pay close attention to areas with visible mineral deposits or algae buildup. Rinse thoroughly with clean, fresh water to remove any residue from the cleaning solution.

Clean the Evaporator

Refer to your Hoshizaki manual for instructions on cleaning the evaporator. This part can be more challenging to access and clean, but it’s crucial for the overall performance of your ice machine. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent damage to the evaporator.

Reassemble and Sanitize

After cleaning all the components, reassemble the ice machine, ensuring all parts are securely in place. Now, it’s time to sanitise the machine.

Prepare a sanitising solution as recommended by Hoshizaki or the cleaner manufacturer and apply it to all interior surfaces. Allow it to sit for the recommended time, ensuring it makes contact with all components.

Rinse and Refill

Thoroughly rinse the machine with clean water to remove any traces of the sanitising solution. Reconnect the drain plug, refill the water reservoir, and plug in the ice machine.

Turn it on and allow it to run for a few cycles to ensure all residual cleaning and sanitising agents are flushed out.

Resume Ice Production

Once you are confident that the machine is clean and free from any cleaning or sanitising agents, you can resume ice production. Dispose of the first batch of ice produced to ensure it’s clean and safe for consumption.

Regular Maintenance

Cleaning your Hoshizaki ice machine is not a one-time task. To maintain optimal performance and safety, establish a regular cleaning schedule based on your machine’s usage and your water quality.

Routine cleaning will help prevent mineral buildup, bacterial growth, and other issues that can affect ice quality and the longevity of your ice machine.

Wrapping It Up

Properly cleaning your Hoshizaki ice machine is essential to ensure it continues to produce high-quality ice while maintaining health and safety standards.

Regular cleaning and maintenance not only enhance the performance of your ice machine but also extend its lifespan, providing you with reliable and clean ice for years to come.

Remember to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations specific to your ice machine model, and always prioritise safety during the cleaning process.